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When Benjamin Franklin flew a kite into a storm to prove lightning and electricity were the same thing back in 1752, it was one of the catalysts that helped change the way the world manufactured goods and did business. Now, more than 250 years later, electricity still plays a part in powering the world, but it is now the ongoing advancements in technology that is driving industry and, in NanoLayr’s case, deep tech manufacturing.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0 as it is more commonly known involves the ongoing pursuit of automation in traditional manufacturing processes, enabling processes from autonomous decision-making and value network connections throughout the organisation, through to monitoring assets and processes in real-time. Robots, the Internet of things (IoT), and cyber security are just some examples of the technology that falls under Industry 4.0.

On the back of a two-year period of intense growth, it has been key for NanoLayr to implement Industry 4.0 in phases. While we cannot give too much away, the integration of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning into our platform technology is well entrenched and was one of the key steps in bringing our technology to the next level.

Using finite element analysis and data driven analysis to design our own machines gives us the ability to build them with a vision of the future and a focus on infrastructure to future proof our production process so that when we upgrade and integrate new hardware and systems, we are also continually able to automate our machines and tailor them to our, and our customers, specific needs and requirements.

“The integration of Industry 4.0 is an ongoing and never-ending process at NanoLayr.”

The implementation of Industry 4.0 technology and IoT to drive continuous improvement and lean manufacturing philosophy, along with our team of experts, innovation and proprietary electrospinning process, helps us stay out in front of the pack as a world leader in advanced functional fabrics. From compostable air filtration media that kill viruses and bacteria naturally, through to our unique bioactive delivery platforms that are revolutionising the skin care industry, our four product platforms all benefit from our commitment to Industry 4.0.

With innovative technology, smart ways of developing as well as manufacturing products and applications, we are creating nanofibre products that can be customized and converted into a diverse range of end products that make a lasting difference in society.

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