NanoLayr is excited to share our newest innovation in air filtration media, FilterLayr™ Eco.

FilterLayr Eco builds on the NanoLayr purpose of developing functional fabrics that improve the quality of life whilst being a step on our path to find more sustainable raw materials. Read more about our journey to FilterLayr Eco here.

As we have learned, facemasks are one of the primary defenses in the fight against Covid-19, and mask use has been mandated in many industries and locations. However, to protect ourselves from the virus we have created a new threat against the environment with the additional waste stream of disposable masks, made up of long-lasting polymers such as polyester, polypropylene and polysterene – essentially plastic waste.

Environmentally Friendly Materials & Biocidal Performance

In an effort to reduce our impact on the planet and address the environmental and viral threats we face today; our team of experts have developed an air filtration media that is entirely made from bioderived and industrially compostable raw materials – making it a better and a more sustainable alternative to traditional filter media.

In addition to being better for the environment, we have provided additional functionality by using our proprietary electrospinning process to impregnate natural and sustainably sourced New Zealand Manuka oil into the filter media. There is no denying the power of Manuka, from medicinal qualities to the natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that it possesses. Our unique process makes these properties inherent in the nanofibers, meaning that the antimicrobial functionality won’t fade over time. So, you can trust that FilterLayr Eco will effectively trap and kill bacteria and viruses, including the Delta variant of the SARS‑CoV‑2 coronavirus*, time and time again.

*Independently tested by MIS

“FilterLayr™ Eco, our game changing new antibacterial and antiviral filter media for facemasks is made from bioderived and industrially compostable materials. Made up of microscopic nanofibers that are infused and functionalised with sustainably sourced New Zealand Manuka oil, FilterLayr™ Eco filters up to 99% of airborne particles and kills >99% of trapped bacteria and viruses, including the Delta variant of COVID-19 coronavirus.” Dr Gareth Beckermann, NanoLayr’s Technical Manager

Filtration Performance and Standards

When our Research, Development and Implementation team developed FilterLayr Eco we endeavoured to create a filter media to meet the most commonly used international filtration standards whilst still maintaining high breathability, which is essential for comfort when wearing a face mask. Without compromising on the breathability of our filter media, our proprietary electrospun nanofibers maintain excellent filtration efficiency over a large range of particle sizes, largely because particle size exclusion and electrostatic attraction are the dominant modes of filtration.

Our nanofibers are also characterised by a very large surface area and small pores, which significantly increase the probability of the particles depositing on the fibre surface, thereby improving filter efficiency.

Features and benefits FL ECO

FilterLayr Eco has all the great properties and benefits of FilterLayr™ with small pores, high porosity and large surface area for efficient filtration whilst remaining ultra-thin and lightweight so that it can be easily integrated into your products.  FilterLayr Eco also has the additional benefits of being bactericidal, virucidal and Covid killing as well as being made entirely from bioderived and industrially compostable polymers making it a more sustainable alternative.

Contact us to find out how you can integrate FilterLayr Eco, the next generation functional filtration media, into your products today or download our Technical Data sheet for more info/testing data at the bottom of our FilterLayr Eco page.