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There is no denying the power of manuka – from the medicinal qualities of manuka honey and soothing a sore throat, to the natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties it possesses.

At NanoLayr we are using manuka oil – and a range of other natural bioactive ingredients – in a unique, industry-leading way in the fight against bacteria and viruses.

Using our proprietary electrospinning process, we infuse manuka oil within our formulation to create functional fabric that can be used in facemasks and ventilation systems. This functional fabric can self-decontaminate itself by actively kill bacteria and viruses upon contact.

Bioactive ingredients like manuka, lemongrass, and tea tree oil are known as terpenoids which are natural, non-toxic and organic molecules. NanoLayr introducing the first of its kind, air filter technology platform, FilterLayr use these ingredients as antimicrobial agents.

The addition of natural functional properties such as manuka oil makes our filters a high value product with antiviral property. It also contributes to our continued focus on sustainable manufacturing.

However, sustainability is about more than just using natural ingredients.

As a global leader in nanofibre technology, we maximise an ingredient’s potential to manufacture the next-generation functional textile applications that can be used to enhance the end-products across a vast range of industries.

Take face masks for example. Testing has shown NanoLayr’s FilterLayr product provides significantly better protection than traditional melt blown filters. Our advanced nanofibre air filter media is proven to have 99.86% effectiveness against airborne particles.

Facemasks containing FilterLayr can be used for up to 200 hours* compared to the 72 hours recommended for other N95 masks. This significantly reduces the number of masks going to landfill.

The longer-term usage is possible because the nanofibre used for FilterLayr is made using its novel manufacturing method that enables it to be more effective at attracting and capturing small particles while maintaining functional properties of selected bioactive ingredients.

The functional nanofibre textile enables the controlled release of these actives over a prolonged period of time, meaning masks can be worn for longer, can be used multiple times, and provide a better experience for the person wearing them.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, the infusion of natural bioactive such as manuka oil with our filter media enhances the effectiveness of the masks and its bactericidal and viricidal properties which make it unique in the market. Utilizing manuka’s natural functional properties helped us to further achieve one of our main aims as a company – to develop products that make a significant difference in society.

*through an internal testing at NanoLayr Ltd.