International Women’s Engineering Day 2022

NanoLayr · June 23, 2022

The science of engineering is core to NanoLayr and International Women’s Engineering Day is a great reminder of the amazing career opportunities available to females in this exciting industry.

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Mask standards and what they mean

Education · March 22, 2022

For a long time, face masks have been used in various industries for different purposes. Different standards for these masks were created to ensure that they performed for their intended purpose. Here is an easy break down of each one and the main things to consider when choosing yours.

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Introducing FilterLayr™ Eco

FilterLayr · March 8, 2022

Our new covid-killing air filtration media

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The Journey to FilterLayr™ Eco

FilterLayr · March 4, 2022

FilterLayr Eco, a Covid-killing bactericidal and virucidal filtration media made from bioderived and industrially compostable materials.

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Delving Deep Inside Industry 4.0

NanoLayr · February 15, 2022

For NanoLayr, it’s about more than just AI and machine learning – creating nanofibre products that make a lasting impact is key

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Green School x SonoLayr Technology

Case Study · February 1, 2022

Customer Success Story

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HRV with FilterLayr Technology Inside

Case Study · November 30, 2021

Customer Success Story

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The Insights Behind Bringing A New Nanofibre Application To Life

FilterLayr · November 23, 2021

Nanofibre Comes To Life

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WWF Whale Tale Series: The Great Mind behind, Dreambreathe

NanoLayr · September 17, 2021

Paola King-Borrero

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Manuka Powered Nanofibre Functional Textile

Education · July 22, 2021

Functional textile manufacturer responds to the ongoing impact of the pandemic by producing its first virucidal and bactericidal air filtration media, FilterLayr. Infused with manuka, easily integrated into face masks and ventilation systems process to improve the quality of life for the end-users.

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Sustainability: A Whale of a Tale

NanoLayr · July 6, 2021

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Most Innovative Deep Tech Company in New Zealand, NanoLayr

NanoLayr · June 4, 2021

What we do at NanoLayr is a little like balancing a marble on a balloon.

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Revolution Fibres to NanoLayr, Why We Rebranded

NanoLayr · May 1, 2021

Our new brand identity and story is a testament to just how far we've come - and how much we've changed in ten years.

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