FilterLayr™ Eco - a bioderived, bactericidal and virucidal air filtration media

Biological filtration that neutralizes bacteria and viruses

Sustainably sourced manuka oil is infused into our filter media using our proprietary electrospinning process. This means the manuka oil is inherent in the nanofibres and won’t fade over time, naturally delivering bactericidal and virucidal properties that not only traps due to it’s nanofibre structure, but actively destroys bacteria and viruses*.


*Externally validated by Microbe Investigations Switzerland contact us for testing data

Bioderived and Industrially Compostable

FilterLayr™ Eco is made from a proprietary blend of bioderived and industrially compostable materials, making the entire filter media a more environmentally friendly option compared to conventional facemask and respirator media


FilterLayr™ Eco is an electrospun nanofibre that is ultrathin and light weight so that it can be easily integrated into your products. It is commercially ready and scalable, contact us to enquire on how you can integrate our FilterLayr™ Eco air filtration media into your products.


Made from Industrially Compostable & Bioderived Material

Bactericidal & Virucidal

Patent Pending Formulation and Technology

Meets International Filtration Standards

Excellent filtration efficiency over a range of particle sizes

High Breathability

Extremely Lightweight

Commercially Ready

Technical Features

  • Externally validated* filtration efficiency by Nelson Labs
  • Externally validated* virucidal and bactericidal properties by Microbe Investigations Switzerland
  • Made from a proprietary blend of industrially compostable materials
  • Rolled goods ready to ship and shape
  • Easily integrated into mask manufacturing
  • Commercially viable

*contact us for testing data


Can filter media kill viruses?

FilterLayr Eco is our functional filter media that effectively traps and kills microscopic particles, including viruses. Externally validated by MIS

What facemasks are the best against viruses?

Any facemask using FilterLayr nanofibre filtration technology offers your best defense against breathing in harmful particles, pollution, microbes, spores and viruses.

What standards does FilterLayr Eco filter media meet?

NIOSH N95, ASTM F2299 and ASTM F3502 conducted from Nelson Lab

What size is FilterLayr Eco rolled goods sold as?

FilterLayr Eco is sold as rolled goods that are produced at 1m and 1.6m wide

How do I purchase FilterLayr Eco?

FilterLayr Eco is commercially ready and scalable, contact us to enquire how it can be incorporated into your products



Introducing FilterLayr™ Eco

NanoLayr is excited to introduce FilterLayr™ Eco, our latest innovation in air filtration media, infused with manuka oil that neutralises microscopic bacteria and viruses, whilst being highly breathable and meeting international filtration standards.

Learn more about FilterLayr Eco here.


The Journey to FilterLayr™ Eco

Air filtration has been hugely important within our business from the very beginning. As NanoLayr continues to grow we continue on our journey in search of sustainable alternatives for our raw materials that would also deliver additional end user benefits.

Read about the journey here.

Typical Applications

FilterLayr™ Eco can come in rolled goods for easy integration into a broad range of facemasks and filters

Product Documents

Technical Data Sheet_FilterLayr Eco