FilterLayr - The world's finest air filtration media

Introducing FilterLayr™ Eco

NanoLayrs latest innovation, FilterLayrEco filter media, is made up of a patent-pending formulation, containing natural manuka oil that provides bactericidal and virucidal properties for air filtration products (eg. face mask and/or respirator).  

Made from industrially compostable raw materials, it meets international standards whilst also having extremely high breathability. 

FilterLayr™ is the world’s finest air filtration media

FilterLayr is electrospun nanofibre which can be infused with active additives designed to trap and neutralise even the smallest airborne particles, while still allowing excellent airflow rates.


Options for added Functionality (hypoallergenic, bactericidal and virucidal)

High breathability because of the large pore volume

Excellent filtration efficiency over a range of particle sizes

Extremely lightweight, making it ideal for wearables

Highly efficient PM2.5 protection - 99.99% of particles trapped

Comparable pressure drops to meltblown fibres

Technical Features

  • Made out of highly advanced electro-spun nanofibre material
  • Incredibly high surface area – 1m2 of FilterLayr contains 7.8m2 of surface area and 8,300km of nanofibre.
  • Wide ranging functionality is available, including antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • Rolled goods ready to ship and shape
  • Commercially viable


What is a nanofibre filter?

Nanofibre is a non-woven fabric made up of very thin strands of material. These strands can be up to 400 times thinner than a single strand of human hair, and collect on top of each other to form a functional fabric.

What is the best air filter available?

Easy, FilterLayr nanofibre. Due to simple size exclusion, FilterLayr traps even the smallest particles, bacteria and viruses.

Can filter media kill viruses?

FilterLayr can have functional actives added to it's chemistry to adopt antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Early results have shown our FilterLayr media with antibacterial actives can indeed kill viruses.

What facemasks are the best against viruses?

Any facemask using FilterLayr nanofibre filtration technology offers your best defense against breathing in harmful particles, pollution, microbes, spores and viruses.

Is FilterLayr nanofibre safe to handle?

Yes, being a continuous fibre and not anything related to nanoparticles, there is zero risk of inhalation of anything harmful in FilterLayr nanofibre.

What material is used in air filters?

Generally, the filtration material used for air filters manufacturing is the filtering paper based on cellulose fibers impregnated with phenolic, epoxy or acrylic resins. According to Science Daily, experts have synthesized the material that is perfect for protection of respiratory organs, analytical research and other practical purposes. An almost weightless fabric made of nylon nanofibers with a diameter less than 15 nm beats any other similar materials in terms of filtering and optical properties.

How does FilterLayr compare other filter media options?

Download the white paper below to know what is the benefit of FilterLayr compared to other filter media used in the market. FilterLayr provides great breathability, extremely lightweight to be incorporate to your next-generation product.

Biological filtration that fights viruses and bacteria

FilterLayr can be infused with active ingredients, to not only trap, but actively destroy bacteria and viruses. The best biological filter media for a truly functional textile for modern air filtration solutions.

How FilterLayr is made

Created using our proprietary ‘sonic’ electrospinning method, which allows us to include functional additives to the chemistry of the nanofibre. It also guarantees the quality and high filter efficiency of the nanofibre.

Case study | Media Filter for HVAC system

HRV Ventilation

HRV Ventilation incorporates FilterLayr nanofibre media into their filters to trap even the smallest of airborne particles.

Typical Applications

FilterLayr can come in rolled goods for easy integration into a broad range of nanofibre filter media applications like facemasks, cartridge masks, canister masks, and pleated HVAC filters.

Product Documents

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