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SonoLayr - Redefining sound attenuation

SonoLayr – the ultimate lightweight sound absorption media

SonoLayr nanofibre is specifically designed to enhance the acoustic performance of any sound-control product. It has an incredibly high surface area but very little thickness, so improves the sound absorption levels of any baffling, furniture or other acoustic panel it is added to, while adding negligible thickness or weight to the product.


Excellent Mid-High
Frequency Absorption

The Thinnest and Lightest
Acoustic Fabric Available

Dramatically Enhances
Sound Absorption

Technical Features

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Incredibly high surface area – 1m2 of SonoLayr contains between 31- 38m2 of surface area and contains between 37,000 – 44,000km of nanofibre
  • Tunable for performance at specific frequencies
  • Rolled and ready to cut
  • Performs best on sounds between 800-5000Hz – aligning well to human hearing ranges typical for indoor and outdoor noise


What is the lightest soundproofing material?

Easy - SonoLayr nanofibre. It is the thinnest, lightest dedicated soundproofing material in the world. Excellent for improving sound attenuation without adding much weight or thickness to your products.

Can SonoLayr be used by itself?

Yes, it can be a standalone soundproofing layer within other products such as soft furnishings and curtains, furniture, vehicle headlinings, flooring, and under panelling like plasterboard.

Does SonoLayr improve existing soundproofing materials?

Yes, SonoLayr greatly improves the performance of existing soundproofing foams and fabrics. This means it is the ideal addition to sound control products to gain a competitive edge.

Is SonoLayr easy to add into manufacturing steps?

Very easy. As a rolled good, SonoLayr is simply cut to your desired shape and easily applied as a layer in manufacturing steps.

Is SonoLayr nanofibre safe to handle?

Yes, as a continuous fibre product with zero nanoparticles which can cause respiratory issues, SonoLayr is safe and easy to handle, being so light.

What are the applications of SonoLayr?

Improving existing soundproofing foams and fabrics, acoustic furniture, acoustic panelling, automotive soundproofing, plane cabin soundproofing, construction acoustic performance enhancement under flooring, behind plasterboard over framing and standard insulation.

How does SonoLayr compare in price to other options?

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Tuned for human ears

SonoLayr is the thinnest, lightest acoustic fabric currently available in the market. It is made of electrospun nanofibres, providing a huge surface area for sound waves to be absorbed. It has the unique ability to enhance the acoustic performance of non-woven textiles, fabrics and acoustic foams. SonoLayr is tunable for performance at specific frequencies.

How SonoLayr is made

Created using our proprietary ‘sonic’ electrospinning method, which guarantees quality and efficacy of the nanofibre. SonoLayr redefines acoustic attenuation.

How does it work?

Air molecules in the porous nanofibre material vibrate and rub against the nanofibres, leading to the conversion of sound energy to heat energy which is then dissipated.

Typical Applications

SonoLayr can come in rolled goods for easy integration into a broad range of sound attenuation applications like soft furnishings, acoustic panels, automotive and aeronautical headlinings and panels.

Product Documents

SonoLayr Product Sheet