XantuLayr - Enhance your composite’s mechanical performance

XantuLayr® means stronger, more durable composites

XantuLayr® is a unique interlaminar reinforcement veil consisting of tough thermoplastic nanofibres which have the ability to greatly enhance the performance of composite materials.


Improved Impact

Reduced interlaminar fracturing

Improved Flexural

Enhanced Resin

Improved Composite
Fatigue Life

Reduced Ply

Virtually Zero
Added Weight

Technical Features

  • Thermoplastic nanofibre interleaving veil on silicone release paper.
  • Highly porous – allows the resin to penetrate the veil
  • Compatible with epoxy and polyester resin systems
  • Available in areal weights of 1.5gsm, 3gsm & 4.5gsm
  • AS9100 Aerospace Certified
  • 1m2 @ 1.5gsm contains 23m2 of surface area and 32,000km of nanofibre
  • 1m2 @ 3gsm contains 46m2 of surface area and 64,000km of nanofibre
  • 1m2 @ 4.5gsm contains 69m2 of surface area and 96,000km of nanofibre


What are the advantages of nanofibre composite reinforcement?

Improved interlaminar fracture toughness. Improved impact resistance. Improved fatigue life. Improved flexural strength. Improved interlaminar shear strength. No decrease in flexural stiffness. No decrease in glass transition temperature. Reduced ply delamination. Enhanced resin toughness.

What are the benefits of nanofibre composite reinforcement over other options?

Improved interlaminar fracture toughness, impact resistance, fatigue life, flexural strength, interlaminar shear strength and no decrease in flexural stiffness

What composites are XantuLayr compatible with?

Carbon composite structures, in any shape of tube and/or panel.

What types of structures has XantuLayr been successful in reinforcing?

Components of aircraft, racing cars, fishing rod, sports equipments and others

Is XantuLayr compatible with most resins?

Yes, XantuLayr is compatible with most industrial resins, including those already reinforced by other additives.

Is XantuLayr nanofibre safe to handle?

Yes, XantuLayr is a continuous polymer nanofibre, and not a nanoparticle product. There are no health and safety concerns that stem from handling XantuLayr.

Is XantuLayr nanofibre difficult to include in manufacturing steps?

No. XantuLayr is an easy one-step integration and can be used in out-of-autoclave composite manufacturing processes. There are no manufacturing restrictions - once integrated normal manufacturing processes can be used to create sandwich panels, tubes and custom shaped items.

How XantuLayr® is made

NanoLayr have developed XantuLayr®, the world’s first commercially available interleaving nanofibre veil, for use in fibre reinforced thermoset polymer composite materials. Produced using a proprietary production method (Sonic Electrospinning Technology), XantuLayr® is an ultra-thin non-woven web consisting of kilometre long thermoplastic nanofibres, each one being about 500x thinner than a human hair.

Nano-scale interlaminar reinforcement

When placed in-between the plies of reinforcing fibres in a composite laminate, XantuLayr® nanofibre veils are able to significantly improve the fracture toughness (delamination resistance), compression after impact strength (damage tolerance) and fatigue resistance of the composite without adding much thickness and weight.

Improve composite materials

XantuLayr® nanofibre veils are able to improve composite materials by providing nano-scale reinforcement of the brittle matrix resin, resulting in a tougher resin (even when used with already toughened resin systems) which is less prone to micro-cracking when stressed or impacted.

Typical Applications

XantuLayr® is particularly suitable for improving the performance of composite structures that are prone to impact/crash damage, delamination and high flexure or fatigue loadings.

Product Documents

XantuLayr Product Sheet