From Revolution Fibres to NanoLayr.
Here’s why we changed our name:

Revolution Fibres was founded on a vision to transform extraordinary nanofibres into ingenious solutions and we pioneered the advancement of global nanofibre research and technology development.

The change to NanoLayr takes this to the next level. Our new name reflects our transformation into a Deep Tech Manufacturer and our position as a global leader in high-performance functional textiles.

NanoLayr, and the corresponding branding we have adopted for our different platform products, sets a foundation for future innovation and the continued manufacture of nanofibre solutions that enable businesses to provide sustainable, effective, and valuable products for their customers.

There’s a saying that goes something like ‘a rising tide lifts all ships’. This saying really encompasses the value behind a branded house – when one product rises, the family name rises. Whoever wins, the house always wins.

Now let’s welcome NanoLayr and follow us on social media @nanolayr for any latest update on our platform technology.

From house of brands into a branded house