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Head of Market Development

Seung-il Hong | 홍승일

Seung-il has been a feature of NanoLayr's journey for a while, contributing to a successful launch of ActivLayr in Korea in '19, from his Melbourne base as our introducer. Seung-il is devoted to the next development phase in the region.


Seung-il has 14 years of experience in Foreign Direct Investment and cross-border business developments, working at KOTRA, Invest Korea.

He serviced major global companies in diverse industry sectors including defence, aerospace, energy storage, pharmaceutical, biotech and construction materials etc. Seung-il was recently awarded 3rd prize at KOTRA for IR pitching.

His extensive industry experience, clear market and regional insights will facilitate uncovering new growth opportunities for NanoLayr.

Seung-il has established himself in Korea opening our first official, offshore office.