The global leader in nanofibre technology

R&D Services

From initial concept to market, our world-leading
electrospinning teams in New Zealand and the
United Kingdom can work with you to support and
develop bespoke nanofibre solutions.

Nanofibre at scale

Our world-leading 5,500 square metre
manufacturing facility in New Zealand is
ISO9001 & Cosmetics GMP certified and
produces high-quality functional
nanofibre textiles at scale.

Nanofibre deep tech

Our proprietary Sonic Electrospinning Technology
machines create quality nanofibre products at
great speed and allow us to easily tweak or
customise each production run to suit client needs.

Nanofibre focus

Nanofibre is the core of our business. Day in, day
out, we focus on designing and producing the
world’s best nanofibre products. Being solely
focused on nanofibre solutions gives assurance of
high-quality nanofibre products and of seamless
collaboration and partnership.


What is nanofibre fabric?

Nanofibre fabric is a non-woven fabric made up of very thin strands of material. These strands can be up to 400 times thinner than a single strand of human hair, and collect on top of each other to form the fabric.

What is nanofibre made of?

Nanofibre is created by taking a liquid solution, usually consisting of the key ingredient in a solvent, and electrospinning it - flashing off the solvent and turning the key ingredient in the liquid solution into a solid fibre. Nanofibres can be made from a wide range of ingredients, from polymers to bioactive materials like collagen.

Are nanofibres safe?

Yes. While nanoparticles have an association with health risk, nanofibre is a functional fabric, made of continuous strands. While every product may differ and have risks based on what it is made of, nanofibre as a technology is very safe to handle and to use in products.