DermaLayr Dermal Delivery Technology

The fastest non-invasive dermal delivery system in the world

DermaLayr delivers collagen and active ingredients 1.8mm into the dermal skin layers in 15mins. Delivers collagen and active ingredients up to 2.5mm into the dermal layers over 50mins. Comparable only to invasive needle treatments.


Rapid delivery into dermal layers

Cruelty Free

100% naturally derived

Clinically proven wrinkle reduction

No fillers or preservatives


Technical Features

  • The fastest non-invasive dermal delivery system in the world
  • Sustainably Sourced Premium Type 1 Marine Collagen
  • Water-soluble, dissolves into wet skin
  • Delivers collagen and active ingredients 1.8mm into the dermal skin layers in 15mins
  • Delivers collagen and active ingredients up to 2.5mm into the dermal layers over 50mins
  • Potential to carry your own ingredients like bioactive
  • Instant absorption


Is DermaLayr a private label skincare product?

DermaLayr is an exceptional line of high quality, private skincare label product that you can brand as your own and have other option of developing your own formulation that helps aids the ongoing demand of effective skincare categories like brightening, repair, tightening or hydration. Talk to one of our development team today at

Are there any 'off the shelf' DermaLayr products?

Yes,  ActivLayr is the first skincare brand that uses DermaLayr Technology Inside their range of skincare. Visit today to know more about the product or search up 액티브레이어 for more global coverage on DermaLayr's product line.

How quickly can DermaLayr be manufactured?

At NanoLayr, we work based on 'Make To Order' offering an exceptional variety of products. It ensures our customers like yourself the product exactly the way you want it. Extend the benefit of our science and innovation culture to support you in a wider variety of situations.

How does DermaLayr compare to other options?

DermaLayr is one of its kind, this breakthrough discovery comes with over 8 years of scientific and clinical studies. 100% natural and made in New Zealand. This innovative platform is in stark contrast to the chemicals found in traditional skincare creams and serums.

Health advice

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any information provided does not constitute medical advice, and it should not be relied upon as such. Consult with your doctor before modifying your regular medical regime.

Modern skincare technology has a new phase

DermaLayr is a breakthrough technology that has revolutionised the rapid delivery of beneficial actives and compounds into the deep dermal layers of the skin. With DermaLayr technology inside, your product will exponentially outperform other skincare creams, masks and serums that use bulk fillers and carriers.

How DermaLayr is made

NanoLayr have developed DermaLayr for use in modern skincare products. Produced using a proprietary production method – Sonic Electrospinning Technology, DermaLayr is an ultra-thin non-woven web of kilometre long collagen nanofibres.

Add your bioactives and cosmeceutical compounds

While the collagen nanofibres alone are beneficial, they serve as a rapid dermal delivery mechanism for bioactive compounds which can be infused into DermaLayr. The collagen nanofibre is rapidly absorbed into wet skin and dives deep into the dermal layers fast, taking your unique ingredients with it. The ability for DermaLayr to act as a delivery platform means you can create and market your own formulas.

Delivering Pure Efficacy

Products endorsed with the DermaLayr Technology brand mark give reassurance on the quality, purity, efficacy and trust that it will deliver great results. 

Visit the DermaLayr website

Our list of ready-to-go Bioactive Ingredients

You could also take advantage of the existing range of bioactive formulas we offer for different consumer benefits including skin whitening, tightening, repair, protection. The benefit of this being you have an immediate product range should you wish to market multiple formulas. Our list of bioactive ingredients includes:

  • Vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate)
  • Kiwi Extract
  • Manuka Honey
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Grapeseed Extract
  • Squalane
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Aloe vera

Typical Applications

DermaLayr can be easily cut to create masks, patches or custom shaped products to best suit your product brand.

Product Documents

DermaLayr Product Sheet
DermaLayr How to Use