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As the global leader in nanofibre technology, NanoLayr has created a revolutionary process to create high quality nanofibre at scale while prioritising sustainability.

Our proprietary manufacturing process using Sonic Electrospinning Technology delivers high value to a wide range of products, with minimal impact on the environment, limited waste and ultimately lowers our carbon footprint.

The nanofibres produced from one kilogram of polymer, when placed end to end, could reach from earth to Venus – that’s 256.91 million kilometres.

We have helped revolutionise this industry by putting sustainability and producing high value products that benefit society first.

To complement the work we do in our labs and on the factory floor, NanoLayr supports the local community and partners with like-minded organisations and initiatives.

This includes NanoLayr’s position as a Centre of Excellence in the local community, to bridge the gap between secondary and tertiary education and workforce opportunities, through to a new partnership with WWF New Zealand for its Whale Tales art trail project.

Whale Tales will be made up of 100 individually designed tails – created by artists who are both well-known and undiscovered – located on Auckland’s streets, parks, and open spaces from January 2022.

This fantastic visual project is designed to highlight the importance of protecting and restoring the mauri – or life force and essence – of Aotearoa’s marine environment and the world’s oceans.

Whale Tales speaks to supporting the community, sustainability and taking better care of our increasingly vulnerable environment. It aligns with NanoLayr’s focus on developing products such as FilterLayr with virucidal/bactericidal property and dermal delivery platform DermaLayr that can make a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

There is no such thing as clean energy or zero waste (yet). So, the responsibility is on companies like NanoLayr to do our bit to limit the impact of the manufacturing process and help ease the burden on future generations.

Harnessing science, developing technology, and continuing to innovate keeps us on track to achieve this – along with manufacturing useful, helpful, and valuable products. At NanoLayr, science keeps us true to the task.