NanoLayr presents FilterLayr™ Eco, a Covid-killing bactericidal and virucidal filtration media made from bioderived and industrially compostable materials.

Air filtration has been hugely important within our business from the very beginning, using our proprietary ‘sonic’ electrospinning method to create the world’s finest air filtration media, FilterLayr™, that can be easily integrated into products such as HVAC filters, face masks and cartridge filters. As we continued to grow and improve our product lines, we began the journey in search of sustainable alternatives for our raw materials that would also deliver additional end user benefits.

In today’s current climate, masks are here to stay, whether that is due to our current Covid-19 pandemic, for continued use in different industries or adoption in everyday use by people looking to breathe cleaner air. This exponential increase in mask use also comes with an increase in waste and pollution.

While disposable N95 and surgical masks have been in high demand to help prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, all the masks that have been used and discarded carry both financial and environmental costs. The current pandemic is estimated to have generated up to 7,200 tons of medical waste each day, much of which is made up of single use disposable face masks. And even as the pandemic eases down in some parts of the world, healthcare and frontline workers are expected to continue wearing facemasks masks as a primary method of protection from the virus.

Mask Waste

Recent studies estimate that we use an astounding 129 billion face masks globally every month, which equates to 3 million a minute, with most of these being disposable face masks made from synthetic plastic microfibers. With increased reporting on the negative impacts of discarded facemasks on the environment, NanoLayr made a commitment to provide a solution that is more sustainable for the planet. With the aid of the New Zealand government’s Covid-19 Innovation Acceleration Fund, NanoLayr went above and beyond to develop the next generation air filtration media, FilterLayr™ Eco.

“The development of FilterLayr Eco has been an interesting one. The biggest challenge has been sourcing the right material to meet the sustainability goals we had set out at the start of this development journey but also meeting the stringent filtration standards required by the market.” Naveen Ashok Chand, NanoLayr’s Product Development Manager

Our Research, Development and Implementation team of experts were not only able to develop a filter media that is bactericidal and virucidal whilst meeting stringent international filtration standards like the ASTM F2299, ASTM F3502 and NIOSH N95, but also ensured that it is made from industrially compostable and bioderived materials so that it is better for the environment.

With FilterLayr Eco, we have created a more sustainable alternative to the current air filtration media on the market, that is also proven to neutralize and kill the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and harmful bacteria, viruses, and pollutants. Learn more about our new industry leading filter media, FilterLayr Eco here.

NOTE: All test results are third party certified using accredited labs, contact us for test results.